Subcritical Boilers

Subcritical Boilers
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Usual Range

Capacity: 1000 TPH to 3175 TPH
Pressure: Subcritical
SH and RH Temperature: Up to 585°C



  • B&W has extensive worldwide experience in designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing more than 700 Radiant Boilers up to 900 MW.
  • B&W’s Radiant Boilers, Carolina Type (RBC) and El Paso Type (RBE) incorporate natural circulation which takes advantage of the density difference between water in the down-comers and the steam/water mixture in the furnace tubes to provide cooling flow in these tubes. With natural circulation, no pumps are required, so auxiliary power requirements are reduced and availability is improved.
  • The RBC is designed to fire pulverized coal. The RBE is designed to fire natural gas and/or oil, blast furnace gas and combustible by-product gases.